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The worlds of Coraline (Coraline) Film / Animation 96 min. 2009 USA D: Henry Selick I: Teri Hatcher and Dakota Fanning Coraline Jones, an 11-year-old girl full of life, curiosity and a desire for adventure, has just moved with her parents from Michigan to Oregon. She misses her friends and, as her parents are overwhelmed by work, she decides to find some distraction. Dakota Fanning gives the voice in original version to the protagonist of this beautiful, anguished and cruel fable based on the play “Coraline”, by Neil Gaiman. Nominated for the Oscar, the Golden Globe and the BAFTA for the best animated film, the film fluctuates between the gray universe of the real life of the girl and the colorful, fantastic and funny of ‘the other family’, a trap in the that it is not difficult to lose, neither for Coraline, nor for the spectator. C + Comedy HD (VM SUB + DEAF) S07 10:00 L16 17:15 C + Comedy (VM SUB + DEAF) S07 10:00 L16 17:15

Los NiƱos de San Judas (Song for a Raggy Boy) Film / Drama 93 min. 2003 Denmark, Spain, Ireland, UK D .: Aisling Walsh I .: Aidan Quinn, Iain Glen and Marc Warren Against the wishes of the older members of the church, William Franklin is appointed as the only lay teacher in the reformatory Irish of Saint Jude, in charge of the sadistic brother John. In stark contrast to the verbal and physical abuse that boys are used to, Franklin tries to build a relationship with his pupils based on trust. Franklin discovers in San Judas the same kind of repression and tyranny he fought in Spain, with constant memories of his days in the Civil War and the life he lost there. When the professor and his assistant stop a brutal beating that Brother John inflicts on two young brothers on Christmas Day, it unleashes the prefect’s determination to find out Franklin’s true motive for going to St. Jude. A spiral of brutality with unimaginable consequences then begins. Based on a true story, “The Children of Saint Jude” is the story of a man’s courage to fight the harsh fascist regime in an Irish reformatory in 1939. It is the powerful and dramatic journey of a man, William Franklin, convinced of power make a difference, from the destroyed streets of Madrid during the Spanish Civil War to the limited walls of a reformatory. Irish Aisling Walsh tackles her second feature film, after “Joyriders”, after extensive experience as a television producer.